Friday, November 11, 2011

Urlagalange Masiyal /Mashed Spiced Potatoes

A spicy mashed pototo that goes well with rice..

Boil potatoes with some salt and removed the skins.

Mashed the potatoes - it need not be really mashed - it can be some chunks and some mashed up.

Heat some oil in a wok (sorry no picture for this).  Add mustard seeds - once it starts to splutter, add in urad dhall cumin seeds, fennel seeds and dry chillies - saute for a few minutes.

Add in chopped onions and curry leaves.  Saute till the onions are soft.  Add in your mashed potatoes, tumeric powder, chilli powder and salt to taste. 

Stir well ensuring the mashed potatoes and onion mixture mix well and voila you have Urlagalange masiyal.

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